PI : Herbert M Sauro

email: hsauro at

Department of Bioengineering

Research Assistant Professor

Kyung Hyuk Kim

Web Site:

Noise control and modularity in synthetic gene circuits

Postdoctoral Fellows

V. Siddartha Yerramilli (Working with Kyung Kim, aptamer development)

Joo-Young Lee (working with Kyung Kim evolutionary robustness)


Keagan Moo

Graduate Students

Bryan Bartley (SBOL development, Quality Control)

Experimental Synthetic Biology in relation to Standards Development

Kiri Choi (Telluirum Developer, Machine Learning and Modeling)

Machine Learning in Systems and Synthetic Biology and SBOL maintenance

Stanley Gu (Online simualtion services)

Innovations in Online Systems Biology Software

Kyle Medley (libRoadRunner Developer, High Performance Hardware)

Maintainer of libRoadRunner, use of dedicated hardware to accererate simulation performance

Undergradaute Students

Caroline Cannistra (Effect of synthetic circuits on evolutionary robustness)

Natalie Johnston (Metabolic demand and evolutionary robustness)

Michael Butler (Cost effective scientific instrumentation for molecular biology)